Ferryman is a Blackletter typeface for the contemporary reader. Unfamiliar Blackletter characters have been replaced with adapted common Latin characters (Antiqua) or with letters from other historical scripts that are more legible to a modern audience.

Ferryman is the antidote to the overused geometric and neogrotesk styles. An expressive display typeface with a strong character, it is perfectly suited for counterculture projects and progressive concepts e.g. in visual art, indie music, and alternative lifestyles.

With nine weights and corresponding italics Ferryman offers a wide range of creative possibilities. Each style offers 590 glyphs supporting all Western-, Eastern- and Central-European languages and comes with four sets of numbers and various currency symbols. For maximum usability Ferryman offers alternatives for many glyphs allowing to choose between best readability and historical richness of expression. 
The Ferryman family is available via Adobe Fonts for all users of the Creative Cloud without additional cost. Licences are available via Myfonts until Nov 3rd 2023 with an introductory discount of 60%.

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