Sirenia is a friendly display face with rounded corners and flowing transitions. The letters have a very organic look and feel, as if naturally grown. There are clear calligraphic influences in the typeface, since the letterforms are based on a written construction, all drawn with a single stroke. This authentic natural look is ideally suited for lifestyle products, the food & beverage sector and for sustainable design.

With nine weights and corresponding italics, the typeface offers a wide range of expressions: If the light weights appear elegant and filigree, the typeface changes its character to a dynamic brush typeface in the medium weights, and in the heavy weights it takes on a fun, almost psychedelic bubblegum aesthetic.

Sirenia’s 1270 characters contain many decorative letters and swash variations for initial, medial and final letters. This gives the designer the possibility to work more as a lettering artist than a typographer and to create lively logotypes according to his own ideas, matching the respective letter combination. This makes Sirenia a great choice for branding, packaging and advertising. Despite its display qualities, Sirenia is also well legible in small font sizes and also looks good on the screen.

Sirenia is available on Myfonts since October 19th, 2022 for $49 per style and $495 for the whole family. As an introductory offer during the first month, it comes with a 60% discount. For all Creative Cloud users, it is available via Adobe Fonts at no additional cost.

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